Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ashlyn asked for some string last week. After watching her wrap the string around the bathroom door, the island in the kitchen, the dinner table and the coffee table; I asked her what she was doing. Her response was, "I am making an invention, The String 3000. It is to keep daddy in the bathroom forever." (I swear those are her words exactly!) I got a great laugh out of it and had to take some pictures. Ashlyn was completely happy with herself. So if anyone needs to keep their husband or daddy in the bathroom forever talk to Ashlyn and she will tell you how it is done.


shannon said...

LOL!! After I collected myself I asked the kids what they thought about this invention-they are still laughing. This may be the first of many great inventions.
Shannon and kids.

Woodlands said...

I love it. It's even funnier when you see the String 3000 in real life. What a girl. We are glad she keeps us smiling.