Thursday, May 29, 2008

Well...I don't know how to get multiple you'll just have to use my password to get into it! To add to the blog, you go to our website, sign in, and then go to new post! You can add to the pictures or the funny quotes on the right hand side, or post something new with a picture or video on the left hand side. Just make sure you sign your name at the bottom because it will always say my name until I figure out all the kinks!

Let's Get Started!

Okay family...I am totally new at this, so let's see if we can make this work! My goal is to create a place where we can all post exciting news, pictures, upcoming events, etc. that we can all check every once in a while and add to! I don't know how to do it yet...but I am determined to learn! I don't know if we all need a pass word or how each one of you can add to the blog, but I'll look into it!