Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Potty Trained Brinely

She did it-she is no longer wearing diapers. She has been talking about using the potty for a while now and talking about the big girl panties she will get when she goes in the toilet. I just could not bring myself to do it. It is so easy to change a dirty diaper a few times a day than it is to worry about an accident at the school, church, in the car or at the store. Anyway it occurred to me last week that if I didn't take advantage of her enthusiasm it might be harder to do when I am ready. Luckily this week was pretty slow and we have been able to spend a little more time at home 'practicing'. She is 100% at night-knock on wood-with a few misses in the day. Mostly when she has been playing and forgets to come in. Anyway she is really excited, and after 7 straight years of changing diapers I am looking forward to the break!



Woodlands said...

Awesome!!! Lucky you

suzy said...

You go girl! She seems so young. Tell her congrats from Ashlyn!